Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order directly from Us Dairy?

Yes, you can order directly

What are the ingredients and nutrition info for Dona Flor products ®?


How long is the cheese good after I open the package?

If you maintain the cold chain, the cheese can last about two weeks after you open the package.

How long past the “best before date" is the cheese still good?

Depending on the handling of the cheese itself, if you maintain the cold chain, our studies show that our cheese lasts without deterioration three days after the best before date.

Is the cheese kosher?

Our cheeses are made with pasteurized milk, microbial rennet, and salt. They are kosher but not supervised.

Does the cheese contain any animal rennet?


Are the Dona Flor® products suitable for vegetarians?

Our products are made with fresh milk.

Is the cheese pasteurized?


Does the cheese need to be refrigerated?

All fresh cheeses made from milk need to be refrigerated.

What allergens enter your production facility?

No allergens enter our production facility.

Do you make private label?

Yes, we are available for private label productions.

Is your cheese made with real milk?


Are the Dona Flor® products made in Florida?

Yes, our manufacturing facility is located in Florida.

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